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Sr. Internal Auditor

Internal Audit Department

Full Time


The Sr. Internal Auditor is responsible for assisting Audit Manager in identifying and evaluating the organization’s audit risk areas and provide input to the development of risk-based internal audit plan. Assists in planning the audit engagements and audit work program. Supervise the staff during the engagement. Ensures that audit and other related activities, documents and reports are accomplished on time and according to Internal Auditing Standards and the professional standards of the Company.

Job Description

  • Participate in the opening conference/kick-off meeting with management responsible for the activity under review;

  • Perform audit procedures necessary to meet the objective of audit engagement, as well as the Internal Audit Department and Company’s objective;

  • Supervise staff in performing audit procedures Conducts interview, walkthrough ocular inspection and observation for the audit proper

  • Gather and evaluate sufficient, appropriate audit evidence;

  • Review process documentation or flow charts;

  • Lead staffs to identify, develop, and document audit issues and recommendations for improvement and validate issues with process owners and management;

  • Review and ensure completeness of audit working papers;

  • Rank audit issues based on criticality;

  • Assists in drafting Initial Audit Report;

  • Present audit results to Audit Manager for review and comments;

  • Provide weekly engagement status update to Senior Internal Auditor/Audit Manager;

  • Conduct wash-up discussion with auditee to further validate the noted issues and gather initial action plan and timeline;

  • Update Audit Report based on the validated issues and findings

  • Manages time and resources efficiently to ensure assigned engagement tasks are met;

  • Record issues and recommendations in the quarterly audit monitoring;

  • Follows up with process owner to ensure that management actions have been effectively implemented, as instructed;

  • Assists Audit Manager in coordinating with the Auditee for the status of action plans committed and performing further validations for the implementation of action plans;

  • Update quarterly audit monitoring report;

  • Upholds and promotes the IIA’s Code of Ethics, the company’s core values and the Code of Conduct;

  • Applies and initiates the use of ethical principles and values to the activities being audited;

  • Adheres to the organization’s key policies, practices and procedures, including code of conduct, environment, health and safety (EHS) and good governance programs;

  • Treats other fairly without discrimination;

  • Maintains objectivity in appearance and in fact;

  • Exercise due professional care;

  • Performs work duties and responsibilities with integrity, fairness and transparency in dealing with various stakeholder;

  • Reports injuries, incidents, near misses and hazards in the Internal audit workplace;

  • Strives for quality and excellence and encourage others to do the same;

  • Takes personal accountability for results delivered in areas of responsibility;

  • Assesses self-development and career needs of others;

  • Maintains up-to-date competencies required for effective internal audit delivery;

  • Adheres to the requirements of the IPPF when planning and conducting audit engagements;

  • Awareness or basic knowledge of IPPF;

  • Operates within the organization’s frameworks on governance, risk and control;

  • Supports a culture of fraud risk awareness at all levels of the organization;

  • Demonstrates sound working knowledge of the quality control frameworks relevant to the audit engagements;

  • Coaches others to enhance their competence and professional development;

  • Organizes, expresses, and writes ideas clearly;

  • Establishes trust of others when communication – oral or written;

  • Leads by example with regard to respect, helpfulness and cooperation;

  • Alert to changes taking place in the organization and the audit profession.

  • Perform other tasks that may be assigned from time to time


Core Competencies:

  • Internal Controls; Governance, risk and compliance

  • International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF)

Values and Virtues:

  • Integrity

  • Objectivity

  • Confidentiality

  • Competency

  • Critical thinking

  • Analytical and Rational

  • Relationship building

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Diversity



  • Graduate of a Bachelor’s Degree of BS Accountancy


  • Must be a Certified Public Accountant

Training/ Seminars:

  • IPPF Training

  • Technical Audit Training

  • Personality Development

  • Values Orientation

Company Benefits

  • Competitive Salary.

  • Health Insurance Plan or HMO.

  • Group Accident Insurance.

  • Yearly Performance Increase.

  • Promotional/Merit Incentives.

  • Company Phone with Mobile Data.

  • Internal and External Training.

  • Shuttle Services.

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